Poynter Farmer Markets, ahh to have a Saturday off, this was one place on my list of things to do.

photo_reviews_07It may be small yet it’s loaded with fresh local produce, rainbow beetroots, carrots, silver beet, sweet mangoes, berries and amazing bananas all the seasonal foods you’d hope for!

The aroma of fresh breads, pastries, cakes, chutneys, herbs and flowers decorate the entrance and I wanted to take it all home… but I could only fit what I could into my back pack, so I made sure it was array of mixed colours, letting the leaf tops burst out my back pack to ride in the wind on my cycle back home.

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The Poynter Farmers’ Market opened today to a sell out success.

photo_reviews_011By the time we arrived at 9.45am (the market opens at 9am), the baked goods were all but sold out, queues were trailing for produce and the coffee cart was doing its best, trying to keep up with the caffeine orders for adults and granitas for the kids.

Highlights include organic vegetables, homemade macaroons, Il Panino breads, Soldridge Lamb and Elmar’s hotdogs (go the cheese kransky with special sauce!).

With so much community support and all proceeds going to Poynter Primary P&C, these markets can only get bigger and better. by mei on February 5th, 2011


photo_reviews_02“Poynter Market is a great outing for the whole family and a good way to support local businesses and the community.” —

“It was fantastic to see such a crowd there on Saturday supporting this long awaited market and we’re looking forward to getting to know the locals and hearing their feedback and suggestions for our bread and pastries.” — Trish Grier from Brioche

“It certainly was a great success and all of the hard work definitely paid off. I love that markets like this are making their way to the suburbs. Looking forward to heading back there tomorrow.” — bruisemouse

“It was an absolute treat to attend the Poynter Farmers’ Market this morning. The variety was amazing, prices excellent and quality superb. I just want to congratulate you all on a job well done! What a lovely family outing! I look forward to the next one.” — Bonnie Hodgkiss

“Visited for the first time today. Great selection of fresh produce and some genuinely unique stallholders. Keep up the good work guys!” — The Local Grocer

“One of the biggest selections of delicious breads and home-baked products can be found here. Choose from sourdough, pizzas, biscuits, cupcakes, tarts and scrolls, muffins, sausage rolls and quiches. If you’re in the mood for a quiet stroll then this market is the place to be, with a very relaxed, village feel. You can buy good-quality seasonal produce picked fresh for market day, including fruits and heritage vegetables. Farmers offer nothing but the best and will include large, small and irregularly shaped produce, because that’s how nature does things.” — Louise Fitzroy – Scoop Magazine for Summer 2012/2013 Edition

Tenina, the official recipe developer for Thermomix Australia, has visited our market and cooked up lovely tomato-tarte-tatin using Poynter Farmers’ Market freshest produce. Click here to get the recipe for yourself!